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Dream Spot - The perfect site

Our 'Dream Spot' Waterski Camp provides the perfect Sri Lanka backdrop for all types of watersport. With stunning views, warm crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, it is hard to beat.

We do our riding on the Ging Oya river. Since the slalom course is in a dead end arm of the river there is no current. The shore is overgrown by mangroves and palm trees preventing a back wash as well as wind waves. 
Regardless of the time of the day you always get the most perfect conditions.

You dream of a waterski spot with flat, clear water, luxury villas and a crystal clear ocean, all in one location? This is us! Even kitesurfing is possible from 3 pm onwards.


Next to our training site you’ll find the Kumudu Valley Resort. Integrated there is our start jetty with club house and Ayurveda massage.
From the roof top you have an unrestricted view overlooking the site, the ocean and palm trees.

The Kumudu Valley Resort is the first choice hotel for skiers who look for luxury accomodation right next to the spot. Alternatives are the Club Hotel Dolphin and the Suriya Resort.

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Our Location

The starting point is at the 'Dream Spot" Watersport Camp, only 15 minutes from Negombo Beach. Located at ...


Our Equipment

We do have all needed watersport equipment on-site. Selected brands, well maintained ...


Our Boat(s)

Fitted with flite pipe (extended tow mast for wakeboarding), beginner training boom ...


Our Coaching

If required, we will work out an individual training plan with you. If you just want to get right into it ...

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